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Put on your Oxygen Mask First

Self-Care is the vital oxygen that sustains our well being amidst life's turbulence. It is the profound act of nourishing our mind, body, and spirit. Far from selfish, self-care is an act of wisdom and compassion towards oneself, recognizing that only when we are replenished we can navigate the demands of the world around us. Much like the instructions on an airplane remind us to secure our own oxygen mask before assisting others, prioritizing self-care is an essential step towards or ability to care for others with authenticity and strength. In honoring our own needs, we cultivate a deeper capacity to contribute positively to our world. Self-care is not only a necessity but a collective imperative.

Self-Care Tips

  • Get regular exercise. Just 30 minutes of walking every day can help boost your mood and improve your health 

  • Eat healthy, regular meals and stay hydrated

  • Make sleep a priority

  • Try a relaxing activity

  • Set goals and priorities

  • Practice gratitude

  • Focus on positivity

  • Stay connected

  • Eat a healthy meal

  • Engage in exercise

  • Go for a walk

  • Drink water

  • Practice good sleep hygiene

  • Have a cup of tea

  • Sit in the sunlight

  • Take a shower or bath

  • Take your vitamins

  • Drink a glass of water

  • Practice mindful breathing

  • Clear a spot

  • Create a mantra for yourself

  • Get — or give — a hug

  • Give up on something you feel like you ought to do  

  • Accept an offer of help

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