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FEB 1-5, 2024

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Are you ready to shift into relaxation? Are you looking for an experience that will change your life? Are you yearning for peace and care? Searching for a powerful experience where you reset your nervous system? Imagine the effect of 5 days and 4 nights where your hosts guide you through a carefully curated experience with the specific intention of recalibration and nurturing, all with you in mind.  

Join us at the serene Solstice Resort in Punta Gorda, Florida, where 5 days of transformative healing practices, yoga, meditation, sound therapy, breathwork, aromatherapy, fire ceremony, nourishing nutrition and warm saltwater pool relaxation await, providing you with the ultimate solution to restore your inner balance and reclaim your well-being way beyond your stay.
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What We Offer:

This experience will leave you with the ability to balance your own nervous system well after you leave.  


Soothe your aches and pains while using breath, meditation and movement. 

Immerse yourself in the practice of yoga, while activating the peaceful hormones of the nervous system.

Be enveloped in a Reiki Healing, Aromatherapy, and Sound Bowl session, a symphony of gentle touch, fragrance, and sound. 

Soak in Blissful Warm Water Salt Pools, dissolving tension, loosening muscles, and detoxifying the body. 

Relax at a special pajama party, a Yoga Nidra event immersed in techniques that promote sleep.

Journal, Doodle, Color, or Draw: Let your thoughts flow onto paper, capturing your insights, dreams, and aspirations. 

Learn secrets to sustaining your well-being with simple practices you can integrate into your daily routine. 

Cruise along the Peace River at sunset surrounded by the vibrant hues of the setting sun.

Glide through the crystal-clear waters on kayaks or paddle boards on a beginner friendly guided tour.

Join us for an experience that will leave your senses awakened, your body nourished, and your spirit rejuvenated. 

Reserve your place now and embrace the path to vibrant living.

What's Included:
  • Private Intimate Resort
  • Premium Bungalow Villas
  • Gourmet All-Inclusive Dining 
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Crystal Sound Bowl Healing
  • Yoga Nidra Meditation
  • Elegant High Tea
  • Soothing Water Excursions
  • Hammock & Hot Tub Nook
  • Tranquil Pools with Waterfall
  • Tropical Serene Gardens
  • Reiki and Aromatherapy Session
  • Peaceful Fire Circle
  • Group Airport Transportation
What's Not Included:
  • Airfare
  • Gratuities 
Fruits and Vegetables
Meals Included:
  • Four dinners, three lunches, four breakfasts
  • Delightful desserts, and a elegant high tea, all crafted by our Culinary Chef Kelly are included
  • Our meals prioritize both taste and health
  • We cater to vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, dairy-free, and nut-free options 
  • Healthy snacks are included
  • Beverages include water, coffee, and various teas
  • Please inform us upon booking of specific dietary needs


Book by Oct 15 and receive $100 off

  • Orange Bungalow $1600 each
    Orange Bungalow $1600 each
    Sleeps 3 One Studio Bedroom Full Kitchen with Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Pot and Utensils 2 Large Closets Large Screen TV Full Private Bathroom Large Living Area Back Door Opens to a Private Garden and Walkway $1,600 each
  • Avocado Bungalow $1,700 each
    Avocado Bungalow $1,700 each
    **SOLD OUT** Sleeps 2 One Studio Bedroom with 2 Beds and a Spacious Sitting Area Full Kitchen with Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Pot and Utensils Large Screen TV Large Closet Large Private Bathroom Back Door Opens Directly into the Parrot Porch. $1,700 each
  • Grapefruit $1,700 Only 1 Spot Left
    Grapefruit $1,700 Only 1 Spot Left
    **Only 1 Spot Left** Sleeps 2 One Studio Bedroom Full Kitchen with Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Pot and Utensils Large Screen TV Large Closet Full Private Bathroom with Jacuzzi Tub $1,700 each
  • Guava Bungalow $1,700 each
    Guava Bungalow $1,700 each
    Sleeps 4 Large 2 Bedroom Bungalow Sitting Room 2 Large Screen TVs 2 Large Closets Full Kitchen with Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Pot and Utensils Small Wet Bar Direct Access to Washer/Dryer Back Door Walks Out to an Outdoor Patio $1,700 each
  • Mango Bungalow $1,800 each
    Mango Bungalow $1,800 each
    Sleeps 2 The Jewel of all Bungalows Separate Cabin on Property Full Large Living Room Full Kitchen with Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Pot and Utensils Large Screen TV Private Deck Large Closet Full Private Bathroom Under Bed Storage Area $1,800 each
  • Coconut Bungalow $1,800 each
    Coconut Bungalow $1,800 each
    Sleeps 2 King of Bungalows Full Large Living Room with an Additional Pull Out Couch Full Kitchen with Refrigerator, Stove, Microwave, Coffee Pot and Utensils Large Screen TV Deck with Hot Tub Large Closet Full Private Bathroom $1,800 each


Day 1


Arrive & Settle into Your Bungalow

Welcome and Say Hello

Nourishing Family-Style Meal

Release and Renewal Fire Ceremony

Day 2


Morning Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation

Sound Bowl Aromatherapy & Reiki

Exquisite High Tea

Ease Your Stress Reduction Workshop 

Pajama Yoga Nidra: Ultimate Relaxation

Day 3


Deep Stretch Meditative Yin Yoga 

Kayak/Paddleboard Excursion

Building a Healthier You Workshop

Soothing Yoga for a Good Night's Sleep


Morning Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation

The Art of Relaxation Mini-Workshop

Sunset Cruise on the Peace River

Day 4

Day 5


Bringing Relaxation Home

Breakfast of Farewell and Gratitude

Conclusion and Checkout

Meet Your Hosts



Meet Dee, the founder of West Door Yoga and a dedicated sponsor of this event. Dee is not only a Yogi but also a Registered Nurse, a Reiki Master, and a Sound Bowl Healer. Her vast expertise in yoga, combined with her medical background and holistic healing abilities, make her the ideal person to lead and facilitate all yoga and wellness events. With a deep passion for both yoga and wellness practices, Dee's vision for the event is to create a transformative and nurturing experience. 



Meet Fran. Fran's organizational skills and event planning expertise play a crucial role in ensuring the event's success. With her meticulous planning and attention to detail, the event is set to be a smoothly run, transformative experience for everyone involved. Based in Florida, Fran's compassionate nature complements Dee's healing abilities, making her a comforting presence for participants seeking wellness solutions. Together with Dee, they form a dynamic team dedicated to organizing a wellness event that promotes both physical and mental well-being. 


Chef Kelly

Meet Kelly, our seasoned catering chef with 25+ years of culinary expertise. As a versatile Executive Chef, Sous-Chef, Garde Manger, and Pastry Chef in fine dining, her skills are finely honed.  Kelly excels in crafting flavorful, healthy dishes, evident from her ownership of Nature's Way Café. She has a degree in International Baking & Pastry and she is committed to using the freshest ingredients for exceptional desserts. She takes pride in accommodating all dietary needs—be it vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, or more—ensuring every guest enjoys an exceptional culinary experience.   

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