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Dee Morrow About me

Welcome to West Door Yoga and Wellness!

Pink Smudge

I'm Dee Morrow, a Registered Nurse, 500-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, Reiki Master, and Life Coach.  I am dedicated to empowering you on your path to well-being and self-discovery.

Unforgettable Experiences

Through retreats, wellness events, corporate sessions, private sessions, and group sessions, I create personalized and tailored experiences that cater to your specific needs and desires. The healing and rejuvenating benefits of yoga and Reiki are brought directly to you, wherever you may be.

A Holistic Approach

As a Registered Nurse, I possess an in-depth understanding of the human body and its intricacies. I design yoga practices that promote healing, strength, and vitality, ensuring your physical well-being is nurtured and enhanced.

Curated Sessions

With my extensive training as a 500-Hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher, I draw from a wide array of yoga styles to curate sessions that align with your preferences and goals. Whether you seek a dynamic flow, a gentle practice, or a blend of styles, I craft experiences that support your overall well-being.

Ancient Healing Energy

As a Reiki Master, I bring the powerful healing energy of this ancient practice to each session, fostering deep relaxation, balance, and rejuvenation. Together, we will release energetic blockages, promote emotional healing, and enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Your Wellness Guide

Guiding you on your wellness journey is my passion. With a personalized approach, I will provide you with the tools and support needed to achieve balance and vitality in every aspect of your life.

Embark on a Journey of Empowerment

Join me, and together, we will embark on a path of self-discovery, healing, and empowerment. Contact me today, and let's create a transformative experience tailored just for you.

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(631) 805-6508

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